motobecane malossi GR2 50cc water cooled kit for 51v av10
motobecane malossi GR2 50cc water cooled


 :*sorry none today*

50cc giant ports 39mm GR2 water cooled cylinder by malossi

for av10 engines

crazy bridge port exhaust and giant tech transfer + boost ports

includes cylinder, piston, ring, lots of gaskets, wrist pin, clips, head bolts and a needle bearing

pretty much the best!

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5 of 5 best 50cc moby kit out there January 18, 2011
taco eater : Elliot from San FRan  
too bad it's rumored to be discontinued. Also if you break a ring a doppler 50cc kit ring will work just dandy and it would be my assumption you could get another piston to fit as well. Shit rips like an 80cc, but its a tricky kit to install and have run at full potential. Still working on mine hope to post up on MA once its done with a full assessment.

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2 of 5 Oh whoa... April 29, 2010
taco eater : Nathan Hobart from Portland, OR United States  
This kit... Man... Well, lemme see? It's a gurus only kit if ever there was one. Sweet as hell porting. Water Cooled- yikes. What else? Oh yeah, you can't use your moby exhaust pipe. Not without getting a coupler machined. The threading on the cylinder is loads bigger than any moby pipe exhaust thread I've come across- so yeah. Oh, and I've never even gotten mine on the road cause I snapped the ring 9 months ago and haven't been able to find one anywhere.

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