motobecane doppler crankshaft for av7 and av10
motobecane doppler crankshaft av7 av10


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insanely amazing quality as always from DOPPLER. uses regular thread nut like this for the flywheel side. and for the variator side we have the motobecane doppler nut

doppler number 263985

threading is a little tight on both sides but with a dab of grease or something the nut will screw on all nice and snuggly!

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1 of 5 Might be good if it Didn’t slam into the case. March 26, 2019
taco eater : Ashley Ackley from minneapolis, MN United States  
The big end of the connecting rod hits the case on every revolution.  I tried grinding down the case a bit right there but I got as far as I could and it still rubs. I shouldn’t have to do this for a $130 Doppler crank.

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