motobecane curvy PMA pipe - black
motobecane curvy PMA pipe - black

alternate reality price $160.00

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this pipe is an all around ripper, hitting lower than the doppler with a punchy fat powerband. great for 50 - 70cc kits especially on simple av7 setups like a 47mm airsal and a 15 sha.

maintain that:


with this pipe!

32mm ID header accepts DOPPLER ball jointz that are readily available as a full pack or individually.

NOTE you will need a longer rear bracket hanger thing than the doppler (we will have these soon!!) or if you have access to a welder you can just extend the one that comes with the doppler full pack.

We now have the longer rear bracket hanger here!!!

available in many beautiful colors. they are guaranteed to have scratches and nicks in the paint from their long journey around the world to treats.

the paint is guaranteed to discolor/flake off around the header area with use. this is normal!

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