motobecane av10 airsal 47mm kit with BRIDGED exhaust
motobecane av10 airsal 47mm kit with BRIDGED exhaust




the giant 47mm airsal for motobecane av10 engines! wow! huge. now with a BRIDGED exhaust port!!!! 75cc or so. ripper for sure

comes with cylinder, piston, 47mm x 1mm GI chromed ring, wrist pin, clips and head gasket


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3 of 5 No decomp hole May 31, 2021
taco eater : Japan MBK lover from Kawaguchi-shi, Saitama-Ken Japan  
The original cylinder, AV10 50cc , has decomp hole between decomp valve to exhaust.

But this product doesn't.

We have to cut gasket to make decomp hole.

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5 of 5 My Variator Softly Weeps As My Taint Goes Numb. January 19, 2018
taco eater : Ashley Ackley from minneapolis, MN United States  
Everything loses grip with this kit! Bolts, bowels, Belts and brains!

This kit shakes like a paint-can at low idle. puttering around will numb your taint and make your turn signals fall off.

My "performance" toothed belt will break loose easily taking off, (with TONS of tension, not the issue) and the variator squeaks as the crankshaft slips a little.
The ER3 doesn't squeal, but make sure you are using ALL of the weights. I'm still searching for a sticky belt, updates when available.

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5 of 5 This kit rips hard July 23, 2014
taco eater : Greg Gokee from Bay City, MI United States  
i run this kit with a 24 OKO ,dio reeds,stock recut head and a Gianelli silver baffle pipe .from about 7k on this thing is a beast

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5 of 5 Very potent cylinder. VERY. May 3, 2013
taco eater : Max Johnson from New Bedford , MA United States  
Edit:  I had to buy another because I seized the one I bought a year ago.  Always let your parts come up to temp people!

Findings:  Doppler Pipes hit this cylinder like a ton of bricks.  
Polini head has Negative squish angle compared to piston dome:  Bust out that dremel.
Power is heat.  Get a temp gauge, or you'll end up with a Baked Potato.
Properly tuned, you will need to gear your bike taller, even the polini's fins are inadequate to cool this monster.  More than enough Torque.  

Plenty of room for porting, but leaving the ports alone will give you a Very broad powerband.  This is an Everyday cylinder.    

Piston has plenty of extra meat you could remove if you were so inclined, and room for feeder ports to the transfers and boosts.  

You will have to drill your own Decomp hole, easy work with a drill press and basic knowhow.  Don't let that stop you from buying this killer kit.

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