motobecane EBR forks - BLACK
motobecane EBR forks - BLACK


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very nice black EBR forks for your 50v, 51v, traveler, etc. featuring the opposite of traditional motobecane fork technology meaning that they actually function and make sense! and you can take them apart! YES. a nice affordable alternate to get ya back on the road!

**take measurements of you mopeds headset length before you buy. make sure you have enough room and that the head tube will be long enough or short enough. **

**and then make sure your brake plate has a notch in it for the tab on the forks to slide into. some mbk stock forks have the tab on the brake plate that slides into the notch on the forks, this type will not work without changing the brake plate!**

head tube threading = 25mm x 1mm

190mm tall head tube with 60mm of thread.

approximately 24" long and 16.5" from the bottom of the triple tree to the end

for drum brakes!!!

fork tube diameter is 28mm so when you're picking clip ons make sure you get the right size!

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