motobecane CDI pick up
motobecane CDI pick up



the state of the art black box pick up from the motobecane CDI. available now for experimentalists and hackers. interesting thing is, all the coils and pick ups from the puch CDI and the motobecane CDI can be interchangeable with slight modifications. so you can build the ultimate CDI if you have the skills

check out the other photos for some ideas.

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5 of 5 Clean revving February 8, 2019
taco eater : JBOT from El Cerrito, CA United States  
Big difference in high rpm clean revving after swaping the new treats cdi stator pickup for this one.
Yes some modding of the plate is needed but you don't give up that easily do you? Maybe you do. But you shouldn't.

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5 of 5 This is what you want for e50 CDI February 8, 2016
taco eater : Ismael Canas from Imperial Beach, CA United States  
This thing is rad! Had an issue where the pickup that came in my treats cdi would cut out at around 9000-9500 rpm. It was like hitting a rev limiter at wot. Installed this and no more cut out! With gearing and gps'd speed I'm getting up to 10k easy peasy. Smooth revs, buy it and swap out your old pickup!

To get it to fit you just have to shave the bolt carrier a little on the sides to fit the stator plate, amd take a tiny amount off the nub at the end to keep it from scraping the magneto. 5 minutes with a dremel well spent!

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