motion pro GREY 3/16" (5mm) tygon fuel line - by the foot
motion pro GREY 3/16" fuel line


motion pro fuel line is super good premium quality. it never seems to harden up or crack. apparently that's because it's made out of tygon!

GREY - 3/16ths (5mm) X by the foot, get one foot or get more

ID - 5mm
OD - 8mm

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Best Fuel Line For Motobecanes April 7, 2017
taco eater : Steven Nadeau from Cranston, RI United States  
Tired of your Motobecane or Mobylette fuel lines hardening up after 2 weeks ? Cracking ? Leaking ? Me too - Look no further - Not only does this Grey Tygon fuel line stay flexible on your variated engine for years and years to come, but its also the stock factory color used on all Motobecanes manufactured from the late 1950's, all the way up to the early 80's - How rad is that ?? The only thing I would highly suggest is purchasing a pair of 3/16" line clamps for the carb and petcock fittings - Because when I say this line has the flexibility needed for ALL Motobecanes with Variated engines, I mean it - Your line will eventually work its way off the fittings without those clamps - Dont cheap out the 60 cents each, youll regret it worse than those crappy ass polyurethane lines you decided to buy previous to getting this wicked rad line - You can thank me later

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BEST fuel line available February 14, 2016
taco eater : Shaun Carson from apopka, FL United States  
This stuff is amazing and so easy to work with.
Perfect for the SHORT little line on my a35 Targa step thru.

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Motion Pro 3/16" GREY tygon fuel line September 7, 2014
taco eater : Keri Rautenkranz from Worth, IL United States  
Convenient color-coded fuel line for those that run GREY fuel in their GREY machines. Can also be used for non-GREY fuel in non-GREY vehicles, though Treatland has any color you need. As it's ridiculously flexible and NOT BLUE, the BLUE Meanies really hate this stuff, so residents of Pepperland should exercise caution.

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Fuewl Hoaz April 16, 2010
taco eater : RJ from Hudson, NH United States  
This is some wicked good fuel line... doesn't get all hard and crusty like the cheap clear stuff. Can't see through it though.

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