MLM people's chamber for everything - 29mm ID
motion left mopeds people's chamber for everything


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motion left mopeds handmade side bleed chamber with 29mm ID designed to be welded to the same size header or a 25mm header can be sleeved into it to be clamped or welded on = awesome

here are some headers to choose from!

this puch header fits perfectly, so pretty much anything with a 28mm OD its a great match

works with this clamp

this one has a 28.5mm ID on chamber

50cm total length

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5 of 5 makeyour dreams come true October 25, 2012
taco eater : Austin Tremellen from Philadelphia, PA United States  
I scooped this up because I was having trouble getting a pipe to fit on my bike avoiding the foot pegs and what not. Used some old header around the shop, its easy to weld bc most of larger headers will slide right into the chamber.

Also, before you weld it up use a radiator hose and some clamps to run it with, that way you can adjust the length for fine tuning! I made the header about 12 in total length and Im getting good low, killer mid, and 52mph on the top end with za50 & treats kit!

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