morini M1 airsal 43.5mm 60cc cylinder kit
morini M1 airsal 43.5mm 60cc cylinder kit



aluminum 43.5mm 60cc airsal kit for the morini M1 case inducted motors

comes with cylinder, piston, rings, wrist pin, clips + 2 allen bolts

no gaskets this time! sorry!

oh this just in, the esteemed chad burke himself!!! writes in that this will fit only on the post 85 engines unless you modify your case, so pre 85 morini types pay attention to chad burke. thanks chad!!


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Great Quality, Conservative Kit December 20, 2017
taco eater : DAS Riot from Detroit, MI United States  
After spectacularly seizing my daily M1 Gila, I decided to go more conservative with this dual ringed kit.  As you can see, the porting is pretty tame.  I can't seem to get more than low to mid 40s out of it unported on an M101 with a 18mm carb. However, my example from Treats was perfect out of the box - normal Airsal quality.  Btw, Airsal, would it kill you to include a base gasket?  In short, if you want a bullet proof cheap kit that should last a very long time and works out of the box without much massaging, this is it.  If you want to take your chances and rocket, look at that Gila.  

UPDATE: Up to 47mph.

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So far, three star March 15, 2011
taco eater : Zachary Kortz from East Lansing, MI United States  
As you can see in the pic, this kit will need a little massaging. The piston covers the transfer ports by about 4 mm on each side. The transfer ports casting is a little off and will need to be opened up. I would also put some M6 exhaust studs in there. This is not a throw on and go kit, but what do you expect for a Morini kit this inexpensive.

On the good side, the rest of the machining looks good.

I will fix it up, throw it on and see how it runs!

***UPDATE*** I had material added so the base could actually seal to the case. You definitely have to modify the sleeve opening in the case to get this to fit. The piston could use some massaging to ensure the exhaust port opens fully at BDC. My stock head fits with a clearance of exactly 0.5mm between the head and piston at TDC. Should get it running this week.

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Sleeve acceptance December 3, 2010
taco eater : Chad Burke from kalamazoo, Mi  
Just a heads up that for simple slap on of this kit, you will need to have a post 85 morini engine. if it is pre 1985 you will need to have your case bored out to accept this cylinder.

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