vespa, sachs & solex crankshaft bearing + minarelli counter shaft bearing 6202
moped bearing 6202



vespa piaggio, sachs and solex moped crankshaft bearing + minarelli V1 counter shaft bearing - 6202 C3

crankshaft bearing for all vespa mopeds, ciao, grande, bravo, si, boxer, kinetic tfr, batavus M56 and Sachs + counter shaft bearings for minarelli V1 engines + solo crankshaft found on tons of different mopeds

1 of the 2 bearings for the honda NU50 transmission as well.. this list just keeps growing!

we only carry the highest quality bearings available! you'll get either SKF, FAG or NTN C3 clearance bearings. yay!

15 x 35 x 11

**PLEASE NOTE!!! its very rare but possible that bearings may come with a seal on them. you can just pop the seal out carefully with a flathead screwdriver or something and you'll be fine!**

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5 of 5 Also for the Batavus m56 engine September 9, 2013
taco eater : Michael Leinartas from Oak Park, IL United States  
These also work for both of the bearings in the m56 engine as well as for the drive shaft (ratcheting shaft is 6203 instead)

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5 of 5 Just Fantastic May 1, 2013
taco eater : Juan  
I got these for a Sachs 504. I didn't have a puller of any type to remove the old ones. A few screwdrivers(as wedges) and they came right off. When installing the new ones. Ice cubes on the shaft, and being very gentle with a propane torch on the bearing. I had to help it along with a socket the same size as the middle hub.

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