moped PLUSH long seat for motobecane n yall
moped PLUSH long seat for yall



perforated style saddle with squishy foam and seat post clamp n brackets. for whatever bike yall wanna put it on! check measurements inside!

about 26.5mm clamp or take it off, ya know, make it work! prove em wrong!

fits on motobecane 51v stock! pic above..

22 x 8 x 5" so its pretty long, maybe you, your buddy and your baby!!! ok well no, but you get it. if youre a big dude you will like the extra space!

m6 holes on bottom are 105mm apart, so mount with those slammed or....

check out the CRAAAAAZY bracket in the photos it comes with! whats going on with that?!?! has some reach around brackets on the side?? and then more holes. seems like they wanted it to work on anything

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4 of 5 Pretty Long September 10, 2018
taco eater : Marcel from Santa Barbara, CA United States  
This seat is pretty long. It isn't quite as long as the factory seat, note the 3 inches of rack at the back that are exposed. Material is very nice, the seat is constructed very well and my butt likes it. This does not bolt up to the factory long seat mounting holes.

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