minarelli v1 parmakit 48mm 80cc cylinder kit
minarelli v1 parmakit 48mm 80cc cylinder kit


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NUOVO A TREATLAND! yess it's the old parmakit 48mm 80cc cylinder kit for minarelli v1!

this kit looks strikingly similar to the polini 47mm kit, but 1mm bigger. does bigger = better? this is 'merica hmmm. that being said, this kit could definitely use some cleanup prior to running it. there are some casting boogers in the ports and of course, like every cast iron kit ever made, it needs to be chamfered. has some dings on the head so you are prob going to want to do deck it before you try n run it.

includes cylinder, piston, rings, wrist pin clips and wrist pin

DOES NOT INCLUDE GASKETS so ya might wanna grab something like this or like this

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5 of 5 parma or polini? December 15, 2017
taco eater : magic from Seattle, WA United States  
Polini is a straight slap on, just chamfer the ports, upjet that 14.12 sha and bam 40mph stock sleeper. This kit needed a decent amount of clean up on the flanges, and the ports had some boogers inside them, 30 minutes with a file and it was ready to go. Next the piston is a lot harder to get in on this kit, I recommend slipping the piston in the kit first then putting the wrist pin and clips. Also it took about 3mm of base spacing to get the piston to clear the head on the cases I used. As far as performance it has slightly more torque, you might expect this with 1mm bigger piston. the intake flange has more meat for enlarging, enough to go to say 23-24mm, exhaust is about the same. Only draw back that I can see with this kit is finding the right sized piston! Get these while you can, if you are willing to put it a little more time and get more bang for your buck this is the kit for you!

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