minarelli v1 80cc BIG BORE performance pack TIER TWO

minarelli v1 80cc BIG BORE performance pack TIER TWO
alternate reality price $639.99


here's what ya get in this PARTYYY!:


minarelli v1 80cc SPEED KIT !!!! comes with the famed v1 polini kit, a CUSTOM CUT head that matches the squish perfectly with bigger cooling fins, an american made motion left mopeds intake AND side bleed performance exhaust, mikuni vm20 carburetor, piston / wrist pin / clips / gaskets and mounting hardware!!

first of all, if you dont have jets, GET SOME JETS HERE. you need them to tune! start around 220 ish and work your way down, dont work your way up. also, were not responsible if you seize your kit cause you got too excited to blast!!!

click the pics to see whats included separately:

remember to take your time during installation. do your research and realize that everything with mopeds will take a little extra work to get to fit perfectly - its not a brand new car! its where the fun comes from, though. break the kit in slowly before full on ripping and you should be fine!! like take a few slow trips to the corner store or your loved ones house or around the block a few times for no reason. ya get it

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