minarelli V1 super stuffy full-circle race crankshaft
minarelli V1 super stuffy race crankshaft



FINALLY!!!!!! an insanely nice, aluminum stuffed full-circle racing crankshaft for minarelli v1! of course these can be used in v1a, v1l and other v1 variations.

full-circle = superior balance and lessened vibration throughout the rev range!
full-circle = lower case volume

42mm stroke, the same as standard v1 cranks! use it in a v1L for some good ol' fashion stroker action

this crank has an oversize small end! it uses 12 x 17 x 15 (or 16mm length) wrist pin needle bearings so keep that in mind if ya ever need to replace it.

dual oiling holes on the small end along with nice wide oil slots on the big end for superior lubrication

m10 x 1.25 REVERSE (counter-clockwise) thread on the clutch side, find one here!
m10 x 1.25 regular (clockwise) thread on the flywheel side, find one here!
uses regular v1 size woodruff keys!

remember, the clutch shimming is slightly different from bike to bike, so be prepared to shim accordingly when you install the crank!

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5 of 5 ShimShamJimJam June 25, 2019
taco eater : Angelique! from New orleans, LA United States  
Excellent crank, make sure you re-shim, if you need to. Here is a wiki link for you to learn about the Joys of Shimming™️


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5 of 5 smooooooth September 1, 2016
taco eater : Will caldwell from san francisco, CA United States  
this crank is the jam!!! super nice machining, easy to install, overall awesome.

the difference between the stock crank and full circle is insane. way way way smoother, lower case volume = rippy

i had to slightly re-shim but whatever, every motor is a lil different.

v bangin bro

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