minarelli V1 brn 51mm 90cc cylinder kit
minarelli V1 brn 51mm 90cc kit



****WARNING! you NEED to CLEAN this kit very well prior to installation!!! there is gross cast iron particulate in the cylinder, in the transfers and in general all over the place. the same goes for the piston. clean it. clean everything. clean the rings too why not. oh and chamfer the ports while you're at it.****

BRN 51mm 90cc cast iron kit for minarelli V1 piston port engines. with dual ring piston!

7 ports

bridged exhaust and intake ports

ports are pretty clean, but chamfer before use please!

includes cylinder, piston, rings, wrist pin and clips...no gaskets sorrrry!

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3 of 5 Big toys for big boys December 10, 2012
taco eater : Ascoute, Zeros from toledo, OH United States  
Fist off this kit is a ripper, with some work...Were not talking Polini bolt and go here.  All of the transfers will need A LOT of cleaning up, if you dont do this you will seize and seize hard so clean em up, next the ports are a bit uneven, one side seems to be about twice as big as the other, fix that. Next use a 1.5mm base gasket to get the spacing right so the piston doesn't slap your head, last install and rip, rip your chain off constantly due to torque that is, re gear son

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