minarelli V1 brn 48mm 80cc cylinder kit
minarelli V1 brn 48mm 80cc kit



****WARNING! you NEED to CLEAN this kit very well prior to installation!!! there is gross cast iron particulate in the cylinder, in the transfers and in general all over the place. the same goes for the piston. clean it. clean everything. clean the rings too why not. oh and chamfer the ports while you're at it.****

BRN 48mm 80cc cast iron kit for minarelli V1 piston port engines. with dual ring piston!

the piston included with this is slightly different, no side cutaways on the piston, take note!

7 ports bridged exhaust and intake ports includes cylinder, piston, rings, wrist pin and clips...NO gaskets sorrrry!

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3 of 5 looks ok May 11, 2016
taco eater : Kevin Pierce from Lynnwood, WA United States  
The port castings are rough. The intake castings are lopsided. the transfer ports are about 1mm different from each other. piston drop checks out. my rings were properly gapped. lots of material to open things up. I will be using it with the V1 Reed intake and from what I can tell the ports will be perfect for it with some mild modification. Will update when I have results

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4 of 5 fffffaaaaaaaaassssssssst June 27, 2013
taco eater : Royce tha 5'9 from Allston, MA  
This kit is retardedly fast. Like I nearly killed myself and have a gnarly swollen knee now fast. If you do get it make sure both your brakes work and work well, like extra extra stopping power. I would say when the pipe hits it hits hard and you better hold on to your socks. Only for well seasoned riders.

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2 of 5 wow. June 22, 2013
taco eater : Ryan Nash from Columbia, MO United States  
where should I start... oh, ok... the ports are in the cylinder at an angle... so they don't open/close properly! that's pretty cool.  let's not forget the absolutely terrible casting job.  I mean piss poor, seriously.  you'll need a mountain of base gaskets for the piston to even come close to clearing the exhaust port at BDC and at that point your squish will be so fucked up you'll need to deck the top of the cylinder or countersink your head.  save your money and buy a polini or get creative and adapt something else.  BRN is for the birds, in fact it may make a good herb garden, yeah... that's what i'll do with it.  garden.

oh, and to even use it you'll have to hone it and even then your cylinder may be so out of round that it won't even be usable.

*** or maybe you'll get lucky and be blessed with one that you can actually use *** :)

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