minarelli V1 bennasar chopper reverse rad pipe

minarelli V1 bennasar chopper reverse

 :*sorry none today*


oh, man! this pipe is . . well. . it's . . .

all i can say is, if you like this, you need it, you've got to have it!

same 80mm OD chamber as the chopper pipe, but with the scorpion reverse baffle!

These pipes utilize amazing spring mount technology for both header and rear mount, so the mounting is very flexible, resilient, and best of all, easily adaptable to other models with minimal effort. Bennasar exhausts are artisan produced, handmade to extremely high standards. They are without a doubt, some of the best quality pipes we've ever seen at HQ. They all feature huge 25mm ID headers and insane performance, exactly what type of performance is up to you, the people, to determine as these have just hit the streets!

This model mounts on the right side, possible tomos applications for sure.

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