minarelli V1L brn 51mm 90cc cylinder kit
minarelli V1 L brn 51mm 80cc kit



BRN 51mm 80cc cast iron kit for minarelli V1 L case inducted motors!

dual ring piston! 7 ports, bridged exhaust!

includes cylinder, piston, rings, wrist pin and clips...no gaskets sorrrry!

***these kits NEED TO BE CLEANED before running! there are still some cast iron shavings/gunk in the transfer ports. the rings will also need to be gapped as there is almost no gap at all as is! but this was all stuff that you should do anyway when prepping a kit for install yup. ***

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4 of 5 How to make your moped unrideable July 29, 2021
taco eater : Bairdco from Midway City, CA United States  
This kit is a mess. Literally. Mine was painted over metal shavings, ports were crooked, one intake hole wasn't tapped, won't fit on the case of an older V1 without grinding 2mm off each side, and your metal fan base won't fit without some work. The piston hit the case, so remove 2mm, and it hit the stock head, too. I put a P4 record head on it. Might as well cut that window in the piston and grind a boost port in the jug for the malossi Reed kit an adapter. Open up that intake hole. Easy so far, right? Upjet a 23mm CP carb, bend your circuit pipe to fit, and congrats. You just made a 60+ mph bike that'll speed wobble and scare the fuck out of you.

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5 of 5 Added a reed valve and ported November 14, 2016
taco eater : Kevin Pierce from Lynnwood, WA United States  
awesome kit when paired with the V1 reed valve adapters. 16mm SHA, full circle crank, 11x38 gearing is 40mph at half throttle with lots of low-end.

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5 of 5 Surprisingly solid August 3, 2015
taco eater : Jon Feldman from Cupertino, CA United States  
I've put maybe only a 60 miles on it so far ( still breakin it in ) but man so far it's been pretty dang nice.

I've got it set up on a v1lks with a Cali pipe / big ass Brn Garelli head / 19 phbg / stock Reed block with non- metal reeds, 18mm intake. / stock CDI ignition, timed just a tad more retarded than stock

Totally expected to be some gnarly ripping, constantly seizing beast but it's actually strangely well behaved. With that being said its definitely torquey. Like destroy any hill in existence torquey. But other than that it's fairly conservative. Runs really cool for cast iron. I haven't even broken 370 degrees yet.

I would definitely recommend it. Don't be afraid of the big boi kits

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