mikuni vm 16mm clamp style carburetor
mikuni vm 16mm


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mikuni vm 16mm round slide clamp style carburetor, perhaps one of the most revered of all carbs for its flawless quality and performance.

clamp style carb so you will have to have an intake that works with this, or have a special one made...

comes with a fancy lever choke, fuel line with clamp, breather line with clamp, cool idle screw that sticks out a bit for easy access and an air mixture setting.

screw top for easy access for needle and cable installation.

ID = 20mm (intake clamp)
OD = 28mm (air filter spigot)

main jet - 70
idle jet - 25

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3 of 5 coxbros February 24, 2015
taco eater : David Cox from Energy, IL United States  
Not a very good choice for a kitted bike.  Sold all five we had.  Stay with the vm18 for best overall results..The vm 20 is good too but a lot more intake noise is allowed to escape.

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5 of 5 Muy excelente January 14, 2013
taco eater : George Sass from Somerville, MA United States  
Super easy to set up n jet.  All-metal construction makes you feel good.  Nice casting, as one would expect from Mikuni.

If yer not tipsy (I was) it's a super fast install onto the QT50!  Fits perfecto on the stock intake and stock throttle!  If you've been drinking, well...take extra good care to lube up the throttle cable.

PS check out the 35mm K&N for super airflow and style.

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5 of 5 Yay forever April 5, 2012
taco eater : NC50 Guy from North Haven, ME United States  
I have a 1978 Honda Express NC50 that I got for free. I have tried finding stuff to rebuild the stock carb but it ain't easy. So I got this one, along with one of the adapters, the name and style of which I can't remember off-hand. It's on the site somewhere, look around. My friend made a sweet little ring to shim it up and after a bit of tuning, my little dumb Express runs better than it ever has, which is to say, it runs. Choke it, crank it over, crank it again, she starts. Warm her up, and she goes so great. I have to run mix gas, but whatevers. It runs, which is way more than it did with the stock carb. Tuning the carb was mad simple, I just had to hack away a bit of the throttle cable jacket to get enough play in the throttle. But man. I ride all the time now, even though it's still really cold outside. Really nice carb, too. Well built, super quality.

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4 of 5 my ported stock 103 loves this carb!!! January 21, 2011
taco eater : HS timo from durty souf  
tha sha was suckin'. so i got one of these babies and it was niiiiiice. kinda almost fits on a phbg intake. you gotta invent a shim tho. i might just be weird or something, but mine takes round jets. a dellorto jet will fit but i tracked down the proper ones. sometimes it leaks a little, like the floats aren't floaty enuf. make sure you cock isn't drippy.

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