mikuni 24mm TM flat slide carburetor
mikuni 24mm TM flat slide carburetor $115
alternate reality price $149.00

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mikuni 24mm TM flat slide carburetor, perhaps one of the most revered of all carbs for its flawless quality and performance.

perfect for all 75 and 80cc kits - used heavily on puch gilardoni and metrakit, as well as derbis and mmm all those other ones.

physically quite a large carburetor compared to the PHBG series these carbs have proved quite challenging for peugeot and moby riders to mount. poor fellas.

44mm OD on the back for air filter mounting. 31mm OD on the front for the hose mounting

Comes with:
Idle jet: 15
Main jet: 130

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5 of 5 TM 24 install. July 29, 2021
taco eater : Adam Rogers from versailles, KY United States  
not so much a review as a question to the community and administration of "kingdom Treatland" about mounting a 24mm intake with tm24. I believe the phrase "connecting hose" was tossed out. is this "connecting hose" included with purchase of a performance upgrade that is already quite expensive to begin with I would be upset if I got a 24mm intake and tm24 carb and find out they don't somehow "fit" or "seal" or whatever.. any info is appreciated. thanks community of enthusiasts and kingdom of treatland!

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5 of 5 You got a thirsty bike July 31, 2013
taco eater : Creature Ed from San Francisco, CA United States  
You got that BIG kit now you need a BIG carb to keep up with it's mighty thirst. This will do the trick. Easy to install and easy to change jets.

Your big boy bike needs a big boy drink so get it one you hooligan. STOP PLAYING AROUND.

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5 of 5 The Particulars September 20, 2012
taco eater : Anonymous Person from Burnaby, BC Canada  
This carb comes with  15 pilot jet, 130 main jet, a 5N13 needle and 454 Q-0 needle jet. Using this on a 70cc sport tuned scooter. The switch over from pilot jet to needle seems a little on the rich side for such a small engine so I'll be ordering the next 2 smaller pilot jets, a leaner needle jet and another model needle. I'll be trying a 10 or 12.5 pilot, 4DH7 needle (which works better on smaller motors i hear cause they say it's thicker[but not from specs I see], shorter and starts to taper earlier), 454-P-8 needle jet(which is a leaner needle jet...fingers crossed) and I'm currently running without hesitation on the rich side with a 125 main jet, Hopefully I can get better low end modulation with it. Idles good right now and anything after 1/3 throttle it screams... wow! Ordering a choke cable adapter kit. Think I can get it to work.

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4 of 5 leak November 25, 2011
taco eater : willd from atls atls  
they seem to come unseated and leak sporadically. had to readjust float height on more than one. but it's a massive powerhouse if you've got the kit and intake to pull from it

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5 of 5 Big boy's June 30, 2010
taco eater : Jessegar from ft. Myers, FL United States  
Well if you want to hang with the big boy's this is the carb! Had a 21mm phbg on my Puch Gila, then switched to this! WOW! veryveryveryvery nice!

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