metal headlight squared
metal headlight squared



shinny metal headlight for squares. i mean a rectangular headlight made of metal with real glass lens. comes with built in switch with wires + mounting bolts.

uses P26s base light bulbs

150mm distance between the two mounting brackets/bolts

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Low quality May 26, 2017
taco eater : Mike v from kettering, OH United States  
The headlight ears that are permanently fixed to the headlight are at completely different angles, and the whole headlight doesn't seem to fit together right. I actually had to Dremel the hole the light bulb sits in, just to get it in. The switch leads are supper close to the headlight bezel, so had to tape them up to keep them from grounding out. And the copper contact that sits on the bulb contact, is loose so headlight isn't useable until I drill and tap.

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