mazzucchelli vespa piaggio anticipato racing crankshaft - 12 pin
mazzucchelli vespa piaggio anticipato racing crankshaft - 12 pin



mazzucchelli vespa piaggio 12 pin racing crankshaft for all vespa moped engines. this one is what you've been waiting for, nicely polished anticipato style, meaning the crank is already cut for a longer intake duration. so no need to take your nice shiny new race crank and hack at it with your dirty hands. also features dual oil holes on the small end of the con rod.

note: the woodruff key slot is machined ever so slightly too shallow so you may need to file down your woodruff key to get everything to fit perfecto.

characteristics of the crankshaft with modified inlet timing (anticipate)

the crankshaft with modified inlet timing is made of the same material and is the same dimensions as the standard unit, the differences are:

1 - the inlet is upgraded and polished to improve the power performance
2 - the shafts are burnished for a better heat dissipation and to prevent oxidation
3 - silver cage bearings are used to cater for increased RPM
4 - the con rod is polished and chromium plated for improved flow of gasoline into the cylinder.

this crank weighs 680 grams!

12 pin

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5 of 5 Just the crank you Vespa Bros desire February 3, 2017
taco eater : Ninja from New York, NY United States  
I've bought several of these Mazzi Cranks (5 or 6 of them). When I have to rebuild a motor this crank is the foundation on which it sits. I haven’t had any woodruff key issue but Will is a pretty rad guy so you might want to check the depth of your keyway to be 100%.

FUN Fact - The Mazzi Crank opens at 121 BTDC and closes at 45 ATDC, give or take a few degrees. So the total is 166 degrees of total intake duration timing. The Anticipato cranks give you about 20 more degrees of intake duration timing. This crank is worth the buy

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5 of 5 A thing of functional beauty August 23, 2016
taco eater : marc friedman from davis, CA United States  
Amazing Italian workmanship.  So on this particular Mazzi the crankshaft is a bit too "proud" for the variator to slip on. I took Will's advice and worked on the id of the variator instead of the mazzi crank. I posted pics in MA under performance "43 Mallosi crank cutting" for future peeps who encounter this. Probably try on the variator before building the motor.

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4 of 5 great crank once installed September 21, 2015
taco eater : Will caldwell from san francisco, CA United States  
this crank is pretty rad. first time i used one i messed something up and it never really allowed the flywheel to sit perfectly.

this time around, (prior to installing the ignition) i lapped the taper on the flywheel and crank until the taper fit was super nice. after grinding down the woodruff key a hair, i dry fit the ignition with cam follower in place and the spring washer to see is the taper fit was still good. the cam follower was then lathed 0.25mm to allow the flywheel to fully seat.

with this crank, and pretty much any other aftermarket vespa crank you WILL need to spend a looong time dry fitting, checking the taper, lapping, etc to ensure that everything works properly.

take your time and this crank will make yer lil vespa a ripper

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5 of 5 I was able to install with ease April 23, 2014
taco eater : DJ Lou Spin from houston, TX United States  
IDK if it makes a huge difference in performance but it fit and works well so far with DR kit, sitto exhaust, 13/13 carb.

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5 of 5 Tacos December 28, 2013
taco eater : Hugh Goldspiel from San Jose , CA United States  
Update: the fellow below had mentioned woodruff key not being a perfect fit, I thought he was talking about the side to side fit. I wasn't paying attention to the depth of its seating, slapped a flywheel on, and my flywheel was destroyed. The tapper got warped out of place, and is not fixable. It's not a big deal to file or grind the key down, look very closely at how much the key sticks out, and look a your flywheel very closely to see you've filed the correct amount. Don't ever let someone try to lap your crank on !!!!!

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