maxima professional ASSEMBLY LUBE
maxima professional ASSEMBLY LUBE


this crucial oil is specially made to help when assembling an engine and protect the moving parts upon the initial startups before the motor is completely lubricated.

basically, get those gears all slippery before starting up your bike for the first time or you will get chippy chippy in your gear teeth...basically just gets things ready to start movin all around the internals of your engine.

prevents metal to metal contact, protects against rust and corrosion and is compatible with engine oils. why would you not use it?!!? dont risk it brah

4oz bottle!

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GOOD, NOT BAD November 29, 2018
taco eater : rx-b from LA EAST, MA United States  
this stuff is what the pros use for being pro. a quality thick and minty lubricant. you can put it all over basically anything when you are test fitting or assembling or just if you want to smell some mint.

sorta like hella thicc marvel mystery oil.

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