malossi SPORT honda mbx + nsr brake pads
malossi SPORT honda mbx + nsr brake pads


They were born on the racetrack, but they are perfectly suitable for the chaotic driving conditions imposed by our city traffic. Malossi Brake Pads have been designed with new ecological materials (a high percentage of carbon fibre and other metal fibres make up the pad's mixture).

Brake Pads Sport (BLACK color) : increased braking life compared to the original pads and in addition they supply a greater braking power even at lower speeds. Homologated material: ME100.

Malossi Brake Pads Sport are homologated according to the strict technical prescriptions provided by ECE Regulation 90. Moreover, they pass with flying colors all the severe Malossi internal requirements concerning braking efficacy and wear due to mileage.

The most evident qualities of these brake pads due to their high friction level, even at low temperatures, in comparison to the original ones, is reduced brakingdistance and longer life. The use of cast-iron discs is not recommended with these sintered brake pads.

Malossi Brake Pads Sport series have passed with flying colours all the severe performance and endurance tests subjected by Malossi testers and riders.

Thereforethey are ready to move from the racetracks to everyday streets!

Asbestos-Free and Environment-Friendly.

malossi SPORT brake pad set for honda MBX, honda NSR.

malossi part number 6215857

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