malossi SKF 6203 C4 crankshaft bearing for many
malossi SKF 6203 C4 crankshaft bearing - 66 6517B


6203 C4 malossi SKF crankshaft bearimg

theeeee crankshaft bearing for rebuilding e50 (one speed) engines on any puch moped. also one of the bearings for peugeot engines, derbi flat reed and piston port/pyramid reed magneto side!!!!! tomos A3/A35/A55 (oem#035070), garelli NOI +VIP (check NOI first! see note below), morini m1/m01/M02, yamaha QT50 (both sides), puch ZA50 output shaft and others like solex !!!

A total rebuild of your E50 will require 4 bearings - 3 of these and one 6203 NR. see here for more puch bearing sets

take note! some garelli noi use a 16003 bearing and some use a 6203 apparently...check first !

malossi 6617162b

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