malossi SHA 4 petal reed block intake
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dreamy 4 petal malossi reed valve intake for raw power, carbon reeds no less. works with dellorto SHA carburetos including 14.12, 15.15 and 16.16, to name a few. these fit on puch polinis facing forwards only and you'll have to hack some fins off both the polini and head, as well as use a shorter version of the included allen bolts.

fits on peugeot 103, garelli NOI malossi 62 kit, but if you want to use this on MBK av10 you need a special adaptor. use on tomos A35 kits and now on the new puch reed kit!

fits dellorto SHA style carbs perfectly 15mm or 16mm preferably. In short, sick sick sick. the bolts this comes with are not the right length for all applications, make sure you are prepared with other lengths or ready to cut some length off them in order to get everything to seat perfecto.

15mm ID

here are some measurements for all the mods and hackers and people out there..

where the intake bolts to the cylinder:

from center of hole to center of hole dimensions: 39mm x 35mm
there is a bump (ridge) on the intake where it sits on the cylinder, so the dimensions of the width of the bottom of intake and length minus the bump (ridge): 44m x 52mm and the total with the bump: 44mm x 58mm

20 6856

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4 of 5 Works well with a bit of modification May 26, 2020
taco eater : Nico from Seal Beach, CA United States  
The reeds were a little bit off center but i was able to fix them by loosening and retightening the screws.

The upper edge of the reed block also made contact with the bracket that holds the spring and stopped the engine from variating so I had to grind down the bracket for clearance.

Pretty simple modification and I haven't run into any issues so far after about 100 miles on them

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3 of 5 angles... August 22, 2012
taco eater : lamont green from la habra, CA United States  
great setup, exept when you put it on the puch reed kit, the angle of the intake is not what you need, my carb is almost flat.
cant run with this intake.

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