malossi E12 air filter for dellorto PHBG
malossi E12 air filter PHBG dellorto - 04 1418



super sleak tiny black air filter for PHBG carbs in tight places probably the smallest realistic filter i've seen for phbg, probably excellent on peugeot and motobecane moped PHBG runners, as well as perhaps honda hobbit fellows and hmm puch of course!

these come with black foam sometimes, and sometimes with red foam. you will get the color we send you !!!

about 40mm diameter at the opening and 40x60mm rectangle. sticks out 60mm

04 1418

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5 of 5 It aggressively removed my genitals April 24, 2018
taco eater : Alan from Washington, DC United States  
So I was able to jam this into a vespa subframe after chopping a large portion of it out to make room. yolo

Before I was just running a piece of red UNI foam hose clamped onto the crab. I ran it daily like that for a month or two. Even rallied it once. ran cool pulled well.

The foam would get dirty really quickly and i got tired of cleaning it so i decided to fit this guy on.

Good lord.

I had to upjet almost 15 sizes from the foam jetting to get it to work but damn does it howl. The whole system resonates so perfectly.

This air box has to have some kind of venturi effect because it is absolutely awesome. I've been running these boxes on everything i can lately and i am not disappointed.

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4 of 5 works good on my A35 July 12, 2017
taco eater : Perros de diamante budros from Louisville, KY United States  
Good filter and clears the pedals on my a35 with 4 petal block and mlm intake. It's a little small so you could get better flow out of some other options but it's a great filter for tight spaces.

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5 of 5 Mine didn't look like this January 29, 2016
taco eater : Wesley Brown from Austin, TX United States  
It was a 90 degree bend with a red filter.  It works fine though.

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4 of 5 not happy in a derbi November 11, 2015
taco eater : dooooooooooooooov from BK NYC  
I have one of these on a forward facing 21phbg on a V1. Fits perfectly but only wants to work facing up. Unfortunately it doesn't fit in the subframe area of a Derbi Variant. Maybe I gotta shave some plastic off? Dunno man... Otherwise this filter RULES, looks TITE, and sounds like another exhaust pipe on my V1 (which I dig).

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5 of 5 did not fit 103 easily August 20, 2015
taco eater : nurse achmadalatooshieboo from Garden Grove, CA United States  
needed to shave down the side, and top, but fit eventually. one of the few air filters that can even be fitted.

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