magura OG deluxe throttle assembly for all mopeds
magura OG deluxe throttle assembly



here's what ya get in this PARTYYY!:

new magura OG throttle assembly!

deluxe model, includes spring loaded brake lever, threaded holes for brake light switch, mirror mounting hole and little mini screw throttle cable slider.

These NOW INCLUDE THE GOOD throttle slider with the screw. cool.

these are exactly like the ones found on some puch magnum and come with the solid lever not the folded one like the photo.

21mm of pull at a rotation of 104 degrees, just like the originals

18mm of brake lever pull

super smooth and responsive.

***these do not come with the slider installed! you'll need to push out the verrrrryyy small roll pin in order to remove the throttle tube and install the included slider.***

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4 of 5 Headache but there's Advil for that November 13, 2023
taco eater : Darren Brown from Oakland, CA United States  
A deluxe throttle that you need to remove a friggin piece of metal for it to not bind on your handlebars. Don't get what is so deluxe about an item you have to hack to make work properly. Especially for this price...anyways, I digress.

You will need to buy a roll pin tool. If you don't and use an inappropriate tool for the job, you'll either mess up the pin or mark up your paint. So don't use a dart. Buy the correct tool, dingus.

Roll Pin punch / tool size is 1/16 inch, you're welcome.

Also the throttle screw. It's not like the OG Magura of yesteryear that used an actual metal screw. It's a setscrew, so hold your horses before emailing Treatland about your missing screw.  It's there screwed into the slide (black on black).

My setscrew failed to install. Good thing I had my OG metal setscrew.  So use your OG screw if you don't like the little itsy bitsy new setscrew.

Revs fine now.

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4 of 5 Same as original. April 18, 2020
taco eater : Nicolas Cote from Montreal, QC Canada  
I had to remove the metal tension strip on the inside because it was binding on my handlebars. Once removed everything runs smooth. was able to swap out the brake lever easily to match the left.

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4 of 5 quality March 23, 2011
taco eater : notnerb from Grand Rapids , MI United States  
you know the feeling you get when you hold something with good craftsmanship? you will if you buy this.

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