OEM style magura QUALITY CONTROL party - version BLK
magura CONTROL PARTY - version BLK
alternate reality price $61.99


here's what ya get in this PARTYYY!:

hi! havin a loss of control? well, on the menu today we have a control party platter featuring a super nice magura throttle, left and right brake lever, pair of grippy grips, and bonus mini decomp or choke lever!! you even get lil knarp and pin tid bits!! has one spot for a brake light switch too!!

good for bikes that DONT use a clutch lever like tomos and ...

oh!!!! and fun fact, magura was the oem control manufacturer for tons of mopeds since the 70s, like puch, batavus, peugeot and more, so its like youre replacing old controls with a brand new OEM updated set!!

comes with all you see above in the pics / list!!! you get a discount by getting this all together too, SCORE!!

grip it and rip it

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