puch round long black seat - ms50 allstate
long round puch black seat



yes, another long black round seat for your favorite moped the puch!! this is a very comfy seat, you and your buddy will be very happy cruising around town. the bottom of the seat pan has two places to mount it, one in the front that could possibly mount to this seat post and then two m6 studs in the rear. originally designed for the puch ms50 but hey use it on whatever you want.

21" - long
5" - tall
8" - wide

front bracket - 1 1/2 " tall + wide

rear m6 stud brackets - 120mm apart

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5 of 5 Great seat. You gotta get creative April 17, 2022
taco eater : Anonymous Person from Massachusetts  
Tried to fit it to a Maxi LS because a stock-looking Long seat just isn't available. I hoped the holes would line up with my old bracket, but tragically not. The solution was to snap off the old seat bracket at the front and drill holes for my old hardware. Using the feeder holes that already exist I fed some nuts under the foam to the new holes, cut the wire, and then threaded machine screws into the nuts to get the new hardware to attract firmly against the metal bottom... then JB WELD THAT mother (for safety). Seems to be holding up ok. Took a lot of cursing and swearing pulling wire through small holes with needle nose pliers, but we got there in the end.

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4 of 5 takes a lot of work but worth it! March 27, 2014
taco eater : Anonymous Person from Orlando, FL United States  
if you remove the seatpost on your maxi, use some spacers and mount the front to the seat post screw, then make a mount for the rear it sits nice and low and loooooong on a maxi
Warning: will not just bolt on, takes fabrication to fit to maxi

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