jawa 210 performance CRANKshaft!!
jawa 210 performance CRANKshaft!!



brand new racing crankshaft for jawa babetta 210!! for those out there pushing the limits on their jawa, this might be a nice thing to have!!

small end ID is 18mm for use with 14mm ID wrist pin bearings!!

**note, this uses a different bolt to hold the rotor on.. it is an M6 x 25mm hex bolt supposedly.. we will add more info as we find it out**

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4 of 5 Not a an actual review, but May 14, 2019
taco eater : Ben whittle from Williston, ND United States  
I purchased one of these a few years back. Never actually ran it, but instead had the rod pressed into a stock 207 crank to get away from the bushing small end. The one I got was wayyyyyy out of true. Like painfully off. Definitely will need to be checked before going into a motor. But who knows, maybe I got a bunk one or the manufacturer has better QC now.
With that being said, I’m super happy to see treatland selling these.

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