intake BLOCK-OFF plate - PUCH piston port
intake BLOCK-OFF plate - PUCH piston port



wow! a nice n simple block-off plate for hackers, tuners and gurus!!

this plate is for regular old puch piston port cylinders, such as the stock high torque and open port, 45mm treats kit, 44mm airsal, 45mm airsal, 45mm parmakit, 45mm TCCD, 45mm athena piston port kit, 42mm malossi etc.

also a close fit for stock puch magnum cylinders, tomos A3 and A55 stock cylinders + A55 airsal 44mm cylinders! the stud holes will need to be filed a little because the stud c-c is narrower.

great for doing case induction experiments hehehe

49mm x 22.5mm overall size
6mm thick

about 38mm c-c
max width 46.4mm
min width 28.5mm

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