moped two stroke ignition micrometer
ignition micrometer


adjustable screw type micrometer for all ignition timing concerns.

threading may be a little rough on this guy

for 14mm spark plug holes

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4 of 5 You might need this June 14, 2021
taco eater : Sam from Bloomington, MN United States  
Maybe you’re really good at guessing. Don’t get one.
Maybe you’re a moped psychic. Don’t get one.
Maybe you can borrow mine. Get your own.
Maybe you’re converting an a3 points 6v to an a35 cdi 12v and there is no timing mark on the case to correspond to your new fancy ignition system so you need this in order to figure out where to line all that stuff up. You should consider getting one.  

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4 of 5 NEAR DAMN PERFECT. January 26, 2018
taco eater : Jonathan Feldman from Portland, OR United States  
Condensed review.

Tighten the base all the way in then slowly turn in the screw while rotating the engine. When the piston touches the screw... that's tdc! Then you back off the engine rotation n turn the screw in more to whatever timing you want. Amazing right?

But like everything in the world... there's a catch.
Because you're finding tdc through the knocking of the piston hitting the screw... there's kinda a element of error.
You can almost bet that tdc is actually occurring when the piston / screw contact hasn't occurred yet. Like they're ABOUT TO FUCKIN TOUCH OR BARELY TOUCHING.  Like it's a small margin or error but it does exist. Like maybe what you think is tdc... is actually 1* or worst case scenario 2* btdc.

I understand it's minor but it's something to be considered. Usually I time a HAIR more retarded to make up for the margin of error.

It's fine for mostly everything.. but french beware.

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5 of 5 Makes timing easy January 20, 2017
taco eater : Sean Zenitram from Tallahassee, FL United States  
Simple to use, simple idea, makes everything a lot easier.

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5 of 5 Low pro to help you go June 22, 2014
taco eater : Anonymous Person from BC Canada  
Short overall length means you can slip this baby onto your moby without pulling the engine off. Lock nut and simple operation makes this a dream for setting up the timing.

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5 of 5 easy peasy June 4, 2014
taco eater : victor m. from baldwin park, CA United States  
i suck at mopeds, and was able to use this to time an e50 and av7 without it

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