hutchinson GP1 moped tire - 2.50-17
hutchinson GP1 moped tire - 2.50-17

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the thing I like is that whenever we get used wheel sets from france they always have these on them, so i know they are good cause those guys are decades ahead of us in most areas, if not in chrome stylin chopper 103sp alone. yeah these things eat a sava for lil breakfast treat snack, wayyy better stronger tougher compound for eons more of abuse in the rough streets of this pre apocoooolypiticooal world, post apocolypticalle world I would opt for a gazelle unless the streets are smooth and you are on the run from a pack of zombie mutant loinscum. oh ya. so to sum up, great for outrunnin suckas

speed rated 120 km/h GP1 frenchy stylee

17" rim diameter
2.50" width

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4 of 5 Yum June 14, 2015
taco eater : Rourke Kendrick from Fairfield, CT United States  
Traction: 3/5
Style: 5/5
Longevity: 4/5
Smell: 5/5
Smoke production: 5/5
Sound: 5/5
There is nothing like going top speed and yanking yer brakes like you are making an grand entrance, a huge screech louder than a t-rex, smoke everywhere, people can't even see you anymore, sweet smell of hutchinson GP1s, you are the coolest person around and you know that because there is a huge tire mark pointing at guess who? YOU
Get these tires, the ladies love em.

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3 of 5 NOT A RACE TIRE! May 31, 2015
taco eater : Anonymous Person from longbeach ca  
yes the rubber is super soft and grippy. BUT, this tire has a way crappy profile, super thin side wall, and rolls over way too much! you have to put 35psi in these things just to get them to kinda work. Then when they heat up they get super greasy and slide all over the place. Good enough for the street but suck balls on the track!Heidenau is the better choice

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5 of 5 Best tire out there! June 29, 2014
taco eater : tyler collins from Clinton , CT United States  
Have these on my puch and they grip! No longer will you play slip n' slide with your favorite road. Surprisingly for a sticky soft tire the last, even after smoking out your hood with a blazing burnout! Buy these my friends.

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5 of 5 ~ french quality ~ October 5, 2011
taco eater : Morgan from Oberlin, OH  
they look beautiful, they grip, and they don't fishtail out from you on a left turn in the rain. i put these on some 17 x 2.25 rims without even breaking out the tire irons. them frenchies know what they're doing. get some new tires already.

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5 of 5 Um yea! June 30, 2010
taco eater : Jesse Bechtold from ft. Myers, FL United States  
Best tires I have used yet! very sticky! long lasting! and Great in Florida during the rainy season! Love em!

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