honda hobbit stock 40mm piston
honda hobbit stock 40mm piston



40mm stock hobbit piston for honda hobbit, camino, PA50 and the like. this also works on most express bikes (nc50 na50 nu50), check the measurements to be sure!

piston dimensions -

51mm from crown to bottom of piston
24mm from wrist pin to bottom of piston
26mm from wrist pin to top of piston (not including crown)
10mm wrist pin diameter

includes piston with rings, wrist pin and clips (not shown in photo).

The top ring is semi-trapezoidal, and the bottom ring is standard. If you looks very closely at the inside edge of the rings, you will notice that one is ever so slightly thicker. The thicker ring is the standard ring and goes on the bottom. The other ring is the semi-trapezoidal type and goes on the top. The "R" markings on the ring face towards the top of the piston and the "helper" ring goes on the bottom groove.

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4 of 5 Keep OEM C-clips July 17, 2021
taco eater : Mr Tom H from Greenville, OH United States  
Good piston, looks high quality. The C-clips it comes with however are a thicker diameter wire than OEM ones, they are very difficult to install without a circlip tool. The OEM ones however will snap in much easier so keep them handy.

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5 of 5 Perfect fit for my NU50 April 11, 2021
taco eater : Josh from Kansas City, MO United States  
Rebuilding a stock Urban Express (12V model w/ starter) and it slide right in. Piston wrist pin has zero slop. Piston rings line up well in the cylinder. Works great!

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5 of 5 shiny August 17, 2011
taco eater : Mason Newman from Jenison, MI United States  
Very high quality and blinding when in bright light. The one I got didn't have the little dip on the top of it for the decomp, but who needs a decompression valve? It also came with clips that were way better than the stock ones.

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