honda hobbit proma performance pipe PA50 CAMINO PA50II
honda hobbit proma performance pipe




yeahh finally!!! I ordered these back in 1978 and they just got here yeah! hella ltd stock, then goodbye again, perhaps I think? that the word. mounts up in minutes on hobbit and PA50s, score

18mm baffle mount diameter for techies who want to be in the know. grab a replacement baffle here!

these will mount up with varying complications on all the honda bikes using the similar style of cylinder, don't ask me, ask yer fellow riders!!! they know!! maybe?

Does not mount easily on NX50 NA50 NC50 NU50!!

this is the pipe ya been waiting for so get it get it get it

***note this can be fitted to pa50i cylinders with modification of the exhaust flange (you'll need to open up the cylinder approx. 2mm or file down the exhaust flange approx 2mm) in order for the pipe to fit properly***


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5 of 5 For the price its great July 18, 2022
taco eater : Matt of RaBiEs from winnipeg, MB Canada  
You will not find better for cheaper... these pipes are awesome... Might be some QC issues, with one the baffle came super loose out of the box... the next one was super tight... but both run great... throw a lil weld on the baffle connector thingy. great recipe for cheap ripper- get this, a stockoshocko kit (and 8mm spacer), the vm20 upgrade pack, red polini clutch springs, and notch your variator... you will do wheelies all day for under 350... (even better if you wait for a sale!) best of all you can put it all together in like an hr...

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5 of 5 Great exhaust pipe! September 23, 2021
taco eater : Isaak Ulmer from Calgary, AB Canada  
Just bought it for my 82’ Honda hobbit (pa50ii) and it fit perfectly except for the stand hits the muffler when it is up. Not so much it bends but you might want to put something to protect it.

This new exhaust is better that my oem one, better hill climbs, better acceleration and better top speed. I am also surprised on how much the difference is even though I am crap at adjusting carburetors.

It’s louder then the oem exhaust but I was hoping it to be, so if you have old grumpy neighbours they might get mad.(but we know they have nothing better to do)

100% would recommend

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5 of 5 Excellent! Better climb up hill! August 3, 2020
taco eater : Levi Scaggs from Port orchard, WA United States  
Bought this for my stock Honda hobbit which for the most part rips at about 28-35 mph.... added the pipe easily goes closer to 40ish or more mph .... downhill obviously with that power much faster! All I need now is a great carb that fits kinda in the subframe so I don’t have to delete the floorboards

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5 of 5 Do I need to update the carb for this pipe. March 22, 2020
taco eater : Joachim Hairston from San Francisco, CA United States  
Works great added a speed boost. Im wondering if I should upgrade the carb.

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4 of 5 Loud a** pipe June 12, 2019
taco eater : Forrest Pacholke from Mapleton, ND United States  
Pa50ii, 1978, 70cc dr kit, this thing screams, and it looks good too! the baffle that came with mine is kinda shoddy, the outer part rotates, but if you take it off expect some noise complaints, holy mother.

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