honda hobbit malossi PHBG carburetor kit
honda hobbit malossi PHBG carburetor kit - 16 10944


this honda hobbit malossi carburetor pack is what you need for upgrading the measly 12mm carb on your hobbit up to PHBG status. includes bolt on PHBG intake, 21mm dellorto PHBG clamp style carb, air filter, and lots of other special goodies to make your life easier and faster. this is the ONLY option for instant hobbit carb upgrades. totally compatible with the PA50, PA50II, hobbit, and the camino. pair this with a reed upgrade and you are set.

16 10944

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1 of 5 Don't waste your time or money August 16, 2021
taco eater : Alex Fuhrman from Thief River Falls , MN United States  
Don't waste your time or money with this kit. The top of the carb won't clear the frame unless you use the flat cap, and the flat cap will destroy the cable and itself in no time. Unless you plan on hacking your sub-frame to bits attempting to make this kit somehow work avoid this kit

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1 of 5 I don't care what everybody else here says... October 4, 2020
taco eater : eXszett from Boulder, CO United States does not fit! From what I can tell, the kit I received was missing parts, or came with the incorrect fittings and cables. Good luck finding a parts list telling you what it should contain, nobody, including Malossi, feels the need to list it anywhere, so I can't prove it came incomplete or incorrect. After weeks of ordering additional parts and modifying the frame and the carb (both are things I was told wouldn't need to be done), I finally got everything fitted well enough to get the bike to start, just to have the throttle cable that came with the carb snap on the first twist.  I know the flat top on the carb is known to break cables, something else I was prepared to rectify, but I was hoping the cable would last at least one twist of the throttle before that happened, so I could at least confirm it was working before I went any further with it. I wasn't expecting perfection from Malossi, but basic functionality and customer support would have been great.

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5 of 5 Direct fit kit !!!! May 26, 2020
taco eater : SUPER HOBBIT from North Port, FL United States  
1. You need a couple intake bolts the size of the shorter stock intake bolts.
2. The new bare inner cable is the throttle cable (You will reuse your old throttle cable housing). The new cable with the black housing is the choke cable. Use the flat cap for the throttle.  Use the adjuster, curved guide, and shorter nut for the choke.
3. The large adjustment screw is the idle speed.  The smaller adjustment screw is the mixture screw. 3 turns out with a DR 70cc kit and Proma pipe worked for me.
4. Take off your drive belt and remove the 4 upper motor mount bolts.  Loosen the bottom 2. THIS ALLOWS YOU TO TILT THE MOTOR DOWN IN THE FRONT WHICH GIVES YOU THE ROOM YOU NEED.
5. Gold cable stop is for the throttle twist grip.
6. The choke control comes apart in the choke ON position (lever up) Hope this helps. Well worth the effort. YOUR PA50 will RIPPPPPPP!!!

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4 of 5 The best I could find for an in line setup on a ho August 14, 2013
taco eater : marc friedman from davis, CA United States  
I've finally got this blasting on my Athena kit. I broke the cable in all my takes parts but now have the hand set choke. Aside from the inability to get another cable this thing is wonderful...finally.

I use it on a modded subframe so how it might fit on an Unmodded ?

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5 of 5 if you wanna get crazy May 30, 2011
taco eater : Ryan N. from Columbia, MO  
get a curved piece of radiator hose, 2 hose clamps and a 3/4" (diameter!) piece of (brass) pipe.  connect the radiator hose to the intake and run it out from under the frame... take the carb and lightly dremel the shim round and round you go... apply some lubricant to the pipe and gently whack it into the clamp area with a rubber mallet.  clamp it on there and use some gas sealant/super glue (or just jb weld it on) over the joint just to make sure that it's sealed properly.  now you have a spigot mount carb and don't have to disconnect yer freakin' sub frame from the bike to tune the carb.  also get rid of the low clearance top cap because it will chew yer freakin' throttle cable to PIECES.

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