honda hobbit REAR brake cable - BLACK
honda hobbit REAR brake cable - black


rear brake cable for honda hobbit! it's even black just like the original one!! sweet. this time the cable ends are the perfect length and diameter of the original ones so its a direct replacement for the stock one! e-z.

****NOTE**** this is a direct fit for honda hobbit ONLY. if you have a pa50ii that is newer than 1978 with black bars, they are a lil bit taller thus making this cable too short. this cable will only be long enough if you have the older chrome bars found on '78 hobbits or if you have low rise bars.

cable housing is 53" long
cable inner is 57" long
cable end barrel (brake side) is 20mm wide x 12mm in diameter
cable end barrel (control side) is 10mm wide x 8mm in diameter
m6 threaded rod on the brake side has 50mm of threading

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