honda hobbit EV racing TURBO pipe - black - red baffle - 25mm
honda hobbit EV racing TURBO pipe


 :*sorry none today*


nice black TURBO performance pipe for honda hobbit mopeds by EV racing. this one's black with a red baffle, very stylish.

this is a 25mm version. that means the header is 25mm outer diameter and 22.5mm inner diameter.

not too sure yet if the mounting bracket lines up perfectly with the honda hobbit mount.

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4 of 5 All I wanted, but... October 25, 2014
taco eater : Darrell Montgomery from Brookville, OH United States  
Yess, picked up 6-8 MPH on a stock bike, louder than stock but not bad at all (can't imagine any pipe anywhere, on any bike being quieter than the stock Hobbit pipe) however... the pedal won't clear the pipe so looking for an extender Oh and all the holes lined up well.    *edit*   With a 3/4" spacer, a few washers, a lock nut, and some nimble fingers I seem to have moved it back just enough for everything to clear and not leak at the crush gasket. Keeping the nut tight and my fingers crossed...

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