honda hobbit 70cc 47mm metrakit kit w/ CUSTOM CUT head
honda hobbit 70cc 47mm metrakit kit with head

alternate reality price $179.99


here's what ya get in this PARTYYY!:

These kits come with a 47mm head for use on the metra kit! Move over stock bikes and stay in the slow lane!

honda hobbit, camino, pa50, pa50II +++ metrakit 47mm 70cc nikasil aluminum cylinder kit with head!

includes head, cylinder, 10 pin piston, 1mm ring, 10mm wrist pin, clips, exhaust studs, base and exhaust gaskets

6 transfers, 2 auxiliary exhaust ports, and a nice large exhaust port

comes with - 47mm x 1mm GI chromed single ring!!

you prob want to grab some of these specially cut base gaskets!!!

these now come with a head without decomp. decomp heads are available if you really want to find and use a derbi decomp valve. hobbit decomps will not work, only derbi!

comes with a 10mm wrist pin piston so just use it on your stock crank or thee super strong stuffy one

cylinder skirt dimensions - 54mm OD, 28mm length

cylinder stud pattern was machined perfectly to fit honda engine stud pattern so it just slides on perfectly!

derbi flat reed and hobbit share the same stroke (40mm) but are inherently different so you might need to space the cylinder slightly with some thinner or thicker base gaskets.

comes in an airsal box

PLZ READ: to mount this cylinder you must disassemble your engine completely and open the cases about 1mm so the cylinder skirt fits perfecto! you will have to trim a very small amount of material off of the fins on the top of the cylinder to clear the cases. the exhaust mount won't be the same so you'll have to make that work, weld on a new header or something clever.... the base and head gaskets will need to be opened up ever so slightly so they match the cylinder stud pattern.

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5 of 5 wanna go fast? March 7, 2019
taco eater : Chris Szuba from pasadena, MD United States  
well this lets you... a tm24 flatside, good clutch, hpi ignition, stuffy bottom end with a MLM sidebleed. Im still tuning but this bird pulls my 175lbs up to 65mph no problem! it's FASSTTTT and im not even done fine tuning yet :D

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5 of 5 Snappy lil fella! June 8, 2018
taco eater : Sammy Nelson from Cocoa beach, FL United States  
Hmmm it's sweet yea. You gotta set it up nice but this kit is really good. I used my proma pipe but cut it up n stuff to work. For the decomp I just turned down a hobbit valve and lapped it into the head. I did that with a file and a drill. Runs really cool. Stock carb bored to like 14mm ish?!. Hitting 270f. 62mph in a tuck.

I have 1100 miles on it so far and it's dead reliable.

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5 of 5 I hate it October 23, 2017
taco eater : Andy from Where the that 70s show was  
This makes my bike do wheelies at 25 and top out over 60. It’s the worst.

I’m running it with a watercooled head and I can’t break 330 F no matter what...

Don’t buy this kit. You’d probably be the type that likes your speed under 35 mph and your temps over 400 f

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5 of 5 seriously fast September 3, 2015
taco eater : rodney from brisbane, CA United States  
i had this on my hobbit magnum ltd, bored the case out myself carefully with a drum sander (like how i do all my puch gila's etc), super stuffy crank, doppler pipe, 24 mikuni and mini rotor and this thing was insanely fast, over 60mph and could not be killed. temps were under 400 and way easier than doing an athena, and faster than a DR kit. if i were to build another hobbit, this would be the kit, no question. fins cool great, too, and easy to start with decomp.

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