honda hobbit 70cc 47mm metrakit kit - CYLINDER ONLY
honda hobbit 70cc 47mm metrakit kit - CYLINDER ONLY

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honda hobbit, camino, pa50, pa50II +++ metrakit 47mm 70cc nikasil aluminum cylinder kit!!

cylinder only!!!!! NO gaskets, piston, or anything else. maybe you seized yours or.....

find replacement parts for this kit here!

6 transfers, 2 auxiliary exhaust ports, and a nice large exhaust port

cylinder skirt dimensions - 54mm OD, 28mm length

cylinder stud pattern was machined perfectly to fit honda engine stud pattern so it just slides on perfectly!

derbi flat reed and hobbit share the same stroke (40mm) but are inherently different so you might need to space the cylinder slightly with some thinner or thicker base gaskets.

comes in an airsal box

PLZ READ: to mount this cylinder you must disassemble your engine completely and open the cases about 1mm so the cylinder skirt fits perfecto! you will have to trim a very small amount of material off of the fins on the top of the cylinder to clear the cases. the exhaust mount won't be the same so you'll have to make that work, weld on a new header or something clever.... the base and head gaskets will need to be opened up ever so slightly so they match the cylinder stud pattern.

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