hobbit & batavus M48 stock chromed piston rings set - 40mm x 1.5mm - FG
honda hobbit 40mm piston rings


replacement 40mm 50cc stock honda hobbit, camino, PA50, NU50, NC50, NA50 moped chromed piston ring set - includes two rings and ring expander which goes under the bottom ring. works on batavus M48 and bennelli G2, motoguzzi robin + trac too supposedly, score! measure first to double check please!

40mm x 1.5mm - FG - chromed

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3 of 5 Didn't fit my m48 or my Hobbit May 23, 2017
taco eater : Alan from Washington, DC United States  
These rings look really nice and are good and stiff but they didn't fit my m48. I couldn't get the jug over the top ring for the life of me. I didn't clean the ring grooves prior to installing the rings so maybe that had something the do with it. Ended up breaking one taking them back off the piston but then again, I don't have proper tools.

A year later, I acquired an 81 PA50. Had the same problem as the Bat. The rings are too thick to fit in the grooves. had to "dress" absolute farts out of the one I had left to get it to fit. I used a disc sander and took off a ton of material. They eventually fit. Was not a direct swap in either case.

it won't be long until the ring sticks and gets destroyed i'm sure. Doesn't matter though, I need some motivation for a kit.

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4 of 5 Batavus Laura M48 / M56, and Trac/Daelim M56 January 9, 2016
taco eater : steven nadeau from pawtucket, RI United States  
Got these rings in a little over a week ago, and was dubious due to the low price, and the "Honda hobbit 40mm" printing on the back when i recieve them. Come to find out, after opening, and testing groove fitment and cylinder checking the compressed diameter, that they fit perfectly on my M56 39.9 piston with no issues !! Upside, theyre wicked high quality, which make em' very stiff and springy, so, def no concerns with compression loss or blow by !! Downside is, because they are stiff, the rings are a little snug going over the piston crown to seat in the ring grooves, and a little bit harder to compress than the stock ones are when inserting the piston into the cylinder jug, so care is needed when installing, BUT, overall i had little concern on breaking the rings, either when installing or during re-assembly, and im excited to say the rings brought new life to one of my m56 engines, def cant wait to buy more for the 8 other Batavus's when I overhaul them too !! Great job Treats !!!

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5 of 5 Tried to install on NC50, snapped both October 5, 2015
taco eater : Ted Banks from Keizer, OR United States  
I was careful installing these, but both snapped during proper ring installation procedure. They were very brittle and broke rather easily.

edit treats : unfortunately this is a case of installation error. there is nothing wrong or especially brittle about these rings at all. sorry!! changed to 5 stars to reflect the true nature of these rings.

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1 of 5 doesnt fit February 11, 2014
taco eater : Anonymous Person from Salem, MA United States  
got a 78 batavus starflite 40pmh WITH stock m48 engine and these rings were just SLIGHTLY too big. was a bitch to get in and the compression was way to much couldnt even turn the crank case. simple fix...i grind down the inside of the rings slightly for clearance, kind of a bad idea...we're talking half a mm or so. maaybe the rings i got were slightly defective

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3 of 5 Not sure if.. January 30, 2014
taco eater : Michael Mills from worcester, MA United States  
Not sure if ring expander works with Batavus or only Honda...

No marking whatsoever

Def fits M48 piston not sure about daelim/trac

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