honda express nc50 na50 carb XPRESS YOURSELF pack - SHA
honda express nc50 na50 carb XPRESS YOURSELF pack - SHA
honda espresso! $108.99


here's what ya get in this PARTYYY!:

honda EXPRESSIONZ college requires you to upgrade your na50 nc50 noped express to a dellorto SHA 15.15mm italian made carburetor and a motion left mopeds USA made intake!! quality stuff, no junk, only top notch for ya!!

this bolts right on to your existing intake and then the carb clamps onto the new intake.

make sure you USE THE RIGHT SHIM. it comes with a 1.5mm shim inside the carb and an extra 1mm shim with it. use the 1mm shim!!!!!! take the thicker one out and put the thinner one in so it fits on the intake!!

then, you will need to change your main jet in the carb!!

grab some main jets here!!!

do some research on your setup. stock cylinders should run around 60-70 range, possibly higher, and big bore kits are 70s-80s+ or even higher!! always start with a high number jet and work your way down!!!!!

your original throttle cable WILL NOT WORK with this carburetor. what do you do?!?! you modify one!! like this:

grab a throttle cable here. then, you need to get a miniest knarp here!

you probably wanna just take the adjuster that comes with the carb off, then attach the smaller end of the cable into the throttle slide. the larger side may or may not work at your throttle side, so you cut it off and use the knarp where you need it to be on the throttle for tension. you MAY need to shorten the cable for more slack.

now youre blastin, graduate, its your party!!!

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