his and hers and mine too RIGHT side pedal arm ONLY
his and hers and mine too RIGHT side pedal arm ONLY


chrome RIGHT side pedal arm exactly like stock puch magnum ones, but use these on your moped his moped her moped and hey why not my moped too. yeah anything is what i'm sayin.

very handy for puch maxi's that have pedal shafts where the right side arm is pressed on and cannot be swapped out easily

one of the nice things about these is the extra bonus space they take up on the pedal shaft. note the lengthened base of the pedal arm, this decreases the wobble some pedal arms get from being all thin and spindly and is like luxury bonus stylee, like they used extra metal on them just cause they could not cause they really needed it like wearing a extra extra big gold chain instead of just a extra big gold chain. IF your pedal shaft for some reason doesn't have enough space for these arms then yeah you gotta use another type we sell, and bummer for you.

very high quality chrome finish

9/16" pedal thread size
182mm total length
47mm of outward clearance
28mm base uses 9.5mm pedal arm pins, not included


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