gift certificate for lovers of mopeds
gift certificate for lovers

buy a gift certificate for your favorite lover of mopeds!


1. click "I wanna buy it will you give it to me"
2. click "get started with your gift certificate"
3. choose the amount for your gift certificate, quantity, etc.
4. put in the email you want the gift certificate to be sent to in the field "email addresses of recipients". this is who will receive the gift certificate.

once you complete the checkout we will send the gift certificate to the recipient by email within a few hours to a day or so. If you order one on friday night we are closed sat/sun so it might not go out til monday AM. If you want it to be sent ASAP just email with the subject "please send gift certificate ASAP" and we will send it as soon as we see your email!

lets say by chance you wanted to give the gift certificate to the person yourself and not have it appear in the jumble of their email inbox... in order to do this just use YOUR email in the field "email addresses of recipients" and then the gift certificate code will be sent to you!

please note there is no physical gift certificate sent by mail and we only send the gift code if you end up sending the gift certificate to yourself. you can take the gift code and write it in a card, draw a nice photo of a cool moped jumping over the moon or doing a wheelie across the ocean and your recipient will be STOKED.

here's a cute lil card you can print out and fill in to give to whomever you've purchased the gift certificate for!! remember to print it in landscape format!!

if you have any questions on this process.. just email!

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5 of 5 Chilling November 28, 2022
taco eater : David Ha from Little Neck, NY United States  
Just stopping by to say thanks !

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5 of 5 Question Response December 15, 2018
taco eater : Peggy Gillard from FULTON, NY United States  
My question was answered quickly and effectively.
Worked like a charm!!!

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5 of 5 Five tacos December 8, 2017
taco eater : Countryob from Princeton , MA United States  
This gift certificate add about .8 hp to my moped

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