garelli team polini 70cc 46mm cylinder kit, also for VIP hackers n tuners

garelli team polini 70cc 46mm cylinder kit

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amazing vintage polini 70cc 46mm kit for the garelli team. this is the reed valve version garelli cylinder and only works with the garelli team style engines.

comes with the usual, cast iron cylinder, piston, rings, clips, wrist pin, and gaskets.

this cylinder also fits on garelli VIP and lines up perfectly. the piston clears the exhaust perfecto and lines up perfecto at TDC too. you will need to remove a small bit of one fin for the start clutch arm & you will need to use a different pipe mount since the VIP is usually threaded. not bad tho since there are NO VIP kits!!! easy amazing kit for anyone even remotely interested in hacking and tuning.


trickMETRIC made a very special 21mm intake/adapter that allows you to run a malossi 4 petal reed block!

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This is so nice on the 78 Garelli VIP February 14, 2018
taco eater : Andrew Johnson from Madison, IN United States  
I can't explain how nice this kit is I slapped it on pretty easy like and got the reed block and intake for it, coupled the like to the mlm exhaust pipe for the team cylinder and this thing rips. I have to tune it up still but with the jets I have in the carb it hits 37 and holds steady.

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Stroke December 31, 2017
taco eater : Stephen Simmons from Moncks corner, SC United States  
Garelli stock stroke is 39mm and bore is 40mm

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Stroke size November 2, 2017
taco eater : sebas  
Does anyone know the stroke size? I got this kit put it on yesterday and the stroke seems to be too long cause when the piston starts to go up and reaches the highest points the rings get stuck and the piston cannot move. Going to have to make some type of metal spacer or gasket or something along those lines, or a shorter piston. please help thanks.

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awesome kit! October 20, 2014
taco eater : Jay Rivett from Tucson, AZ United States  
Virtually indestructible.  Soft seized a few times due to it having poor cooling qualities.  Always started right back up.  Make sure you replace your old worn out rubber clutch cyz the torque will eat it up!  Tomos pipes bolt up as well as puch angle port.  Either pipe will need to be slightly modified at the flange for proper bolting.  I'm over 40 with just a 14sha.

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Take one for the TEAM August 28, 2014
taco eater : G Rashid from DAM! Dayton, Ohio  
I fell in love...  Reeds are extremely difficult to find but get creative and use some other intakes and reeds from other Italian mopeds...or get Trickmetric's Adapter, your choice.

Also, get a bigger head to tackle cooling issues in case you don't run a fan.

Exhaust Port match and BLAST!!!!

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