garelli team BRN 70cc 46mm cylinder kit
garelli team BRN 70cc 46mm cylinder kit


 :*sorry none today*

BRN 46mm 70cc garelli TEAM cast iron kit! super simple lil guy, 4 ports. should be rippy n reliable.

comes with cylinder, piston, rings, clips, and wrist pin. NO gaskets!

this cylinder also fits on garelli VIP and lines up perfectly. the piston clears the exhaust perfecto and lines up perfecto at TDC too. you will need to remove a small bit of one fin for the start clutch arm & you will need to use a different pipe mount since the VIP is usually threaded. not bad tho since there are NO VIP kits!!! easy amazing kit for anyone even remotely interested in hacking and tuning.

trickMETRIC made a very special 21mm intake/adapter that allows you to run a malossi 4 petal reed block!

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