garelli brn 46mm custom cut head for POLINI NOI 46mm
garelli brn 46mm custom cut head for NOI



custom cut squish head specifically designed for the garelli NOI 46mm polini kit and other 46mm cylinders too...

this head can also be used on the 48mm and larger v1 and v1L BRN kits that require a larger ID head.

these heads have been turned to clean up and re-profile the squish better performance than the stock BRN head! oh yeah, way larger = way more fins = way chilly head temps.

inner lip where head gasket fits = 56mm

head itself is 140mm L x 120mm W x 49mm H

use these head gaskets for a primo seal. they fit a lil tight but will totally fit!

uses short thread spark plugs

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Chill AF October 12, 2016
taco eater : Alan from Washington, DC United States  
So I would like to note how disgusting the texture of this head is. It legit feels terrible in the hands. However, it's damn good that I only held it for a little bit.

This thing is massive. As a result, it is colder than the heart of my bitch ex-girlfriend. To hell with you Steph.

Which way is up, bro? Who knows. I put the fat part at the bottom cause gravity, ya know? More speed for sure.

There was a slight nick on the sealing ring from storage I guess; The packaging looks super old. It seems p good after a few months of abuse so mondo props to Treats. All Hail Lord Benji.

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