OMG knob petcock - 12mm thread
garelli VIP OMG petcock - back flow - 12mm thread


this is an OMG petcock made for the piaggio 220 APE MP P 601 and P601Z. it's a knob style cock for use with hi flow 1/4 or 6mm fuel line! wow! put this on any moped that uses 12mm petcocks like benelli, batavus hs50, cimatti, gas gas, gilera (CB1-50) garelli (VIP, katia, eureka, gulp, flex) honda (hobbit, camino, PA50, PA50II, PX50) kreidler, piaggio (vespa, bravo, superbravo, si, si mix) puch (freespirit, pinto) sachs, tomos (A3, A35) and many many more!

on / off / no reserve

for 6mm fuel line

12mm x 1mm female thread coupler nut

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