garelli NOI jammer clutch v0.0 !!!
garelli NOI jammer clutch v0.0 !!!

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NEW NEW NEW 3 shoe clutch designed for garelli NOI single speed engines!! finally!! you can take out that stupid rubber clutch and toss out the window!! (treatland does not condone littering)

comes with 3 sets of springs 1.5mm, 1.6mm, and 1.7mm (spring wire diameter) for multiple tuning options, from stock to 80cc. the clutch shoe design incorporates not two but four holes per pad allowing the user to fine tune the spring tension. the inner holes are for use with the included clutch springs and the outer holes are for gy6 clutch springs!! of course you can use the included springs on the outer holes as well for slightly stiffer performance. if you are really lookin to expand your clutch spring horizons, you can grab some malossi springs as well!!

we've found that motorex ATF works great as it's designed specifically for crazy high stall spin-out performance on KTM dirtbikes. royal purple is also a winner! but we're busy dudes currently working on jammer v12 so we encourage everyone to try different oils/fluids and report back with your findings. actually, you'll need to have a full report written from the tribologist if you decide to use something crazy.

kevlar lined shoes for the extreme racer within. no more stealing grandpas non-detergent oil from the barn!!

NOTE this clutch comes partially to fully disassembled. there is an instruction sheet included with the clutch as well that you will need to follow VERY closely or else...

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5 of 5 We Jammin !! August 5, 2021
taco eater : Boggi3downmop3ds from bronx, NY United States  
I’m all the way up. Bro I ain’t get stuck lol
Since I been Jammin this clutch. It’s worth every buck. When it drops just cop out.

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5 of 5 I rode Jack March 11, 2020
taco eater : Anonymous Person from SF,CA United States  
's Garelli, i dare say its amazing with this clutch.

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5 of 5 it jams! March 10, 2020
taco eater : jackerz! from napa, CA United States  
i've been testing mine for a few months now and finally i'm pleased to see these bad boys on the shelf now for the people to own! countless lunch runs and rally time under this lil clutches belt i'm confident to say this is the clutch you have been dreaming about for yer garelli noi! if you have a stock noi use the 1.5 springs, if you have a kitted ripper setup like i do use the 1.7 springs. my ssxl is one of my favorite bikes to ride now because of this clutch, no more crazy clutch issues at all. just be sure you loctite the 3 bolts and don't over tighten them and your good to go! now take that old clutch out and start making cookies with it or something cause it has no room in yer noi anymore.

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